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Silicon Valley Data Center
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Silicon Valley Virtual Private Server

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Pure SSD ,Xeon CPU to perform the best.

Powerful control panel

Performance guarantee, 24x7 technician support

100% Satisfied Guarantee. Full refund within 7 days on popular products


CPU Memory Storage Price
1 CPU 1 GB 25G SSD $2.99/mo
2 CPU 2 GB 50G SSD $6.99/mo
2 CPU 4 GB 100G SSD $7.99/mo
4 CPU 8 GB 150G SSD $13.99/mo

High Memory SSD VPS PLAN

CPU Memory Storage Price
4 CPU 12 GB 240G SSD $20.99/mo
4 CPU 16 GB 240G SSD $27.99/mo
6 CPU 32 GB 480G SSD $41.99/mo
6 CPU 48 GB 960G SSD $49.99/mo
6 CPU 64 GB 2TB SSD $69.99/mo
10 CPU 96 GB 2TB SSD $83.99/mo
10 CPU 128 GB 2TB SSD $99.99/mo